The specifics from the cover sheet of the original publication: The American Magazine
25 cents: $2.50 a Year
Volume CXVII
January, 1934, through June, 1934
The Crowell Publishing Company
250 Park Avenue
New York

The original poem by Dale Wimbrow titled "The Guy in the Glass" was first published in the American Magazine in 1934. The magazine had asked their readers to offer an answer to a young man's question to the Editor of the magazine as to "Why he should be honest". The following is an excerpt from the issue that ran our father's poem

Why be honest?

An eighteen-year-old boy recently wrote a letter the Editor of the American Magazine. "One good reason, please," he asked, "why an ambitious young man should be honest." In publishing that letter in the February issue we invited readers to answer him. His challenge aroused immense interest. Replies by the thousands poured in, are still pouring in as we go to press. They come from all walks of life, from oldsters and youngsters alike. The replies are now being considered by the judges, whose decision as to the prize-winners will be announced in an early issue.
While awaiting the final verdict, we want to share with you some of the high lights from the letters received. Here are a few random excerpts:

What the readers say

From Jackson Heights, N.Y. comes this reply to J.W.s query about the value of being honest: "followed by The Guy in the Glass

The Crowell Publishing company granted our father the assignment of copyright and the following are excerpts from the actual documents. Upon request we will furnish phtocopies to interested parties

Assignment of copyright information

Dated January 10, 1945 to Dale Wimbrow on the work entitled "The Guy in the glass" by Dale Wimbrow as published in THE AMERICAN MAGAZINE, as follows: Date of Publication May, 1934, Date of Copyright, April 20, 1934, Entry No. B No. 223578.
Assigned January 10, 1945 and received for record in the Copyright Office on January 26, 1945 has been recorded in the Copyright Office book 559, page 19 in conformity with the laws of the United States respecting copyrights.
In Witness Whereof, the seal of this Office has be hereto affixed this sixteenth day of February, 1945.

The Guy in the Glass

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