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by Dale Wimbrow, 1895-1954

Our father, Peter "Dale" Wimbrow Sr. wrote the poem "The Guy in the Glass in 1934. It was published in the American magazine at that time and the copyright was assigned to our father. The poem has become also known, incorrectly, as "The Man in the Glass" or sometimes, "The Man in the Mirror", but the thought is the same, the message clear...'you can fool the whole world down the pathway of years, but you can't fool the guy staring back from the glass'

Since he wrote the poem in 1934 and it was published, it has taken on a life of its' own and is usually seen as anonymous. Sadly somepeople have even taken to putting their name on it as their own creation. It escapes us as to why someone would falsely take credit for a poem about being honest with your self. One fellow in Salt Lake City, Utah said he wrote it in 1946 and the list goes on. Others have badly misquoted the poem, substituting the word 'self' for 'pelf', 'man in the glass' for 'guy in the glass' and others have left out other parts. Each word was chosen by him carefully and has special meaning. We are immensely proud of his work and welcome any and all dialogue from interested parties. Our hope here is just to set the record straight and to provide the poem as it was actually written for any and all to use as our father's gift to the world. Our father was the most gifted and caring person we ever knew.... he would have wanted his work to be a gift and so do we. All we ask is that you properly credit him somewhere in your publication as the author

We have also presented other works by our father that we believe you might enjoy. His range was as broad as his sense of caring for mankind. His talents were many; songwriter, artist, writer, singer, painter but his biggest talent was truly loving everyone he ever knew. He left this earth way too early (January 1954 in his 58th year) and my sister and I have missed his counsel and wisdom every day since. It was the biggest honor of our life just to have known him. We have more of his writings and would be grateful and pleased to correspond with anyone who wants to learn more about this bear of a man and his works. Please enjoy our father's efforts!

The Guy in the Glass

Why this page?

This memorium by my sister, Sallydale Wimbrow and me, Peter Dale Wimbrow, Jr. is in loving memory of our father, Dale Wimbrow and our mother, Dorothy Wimbrow, who spent their lives bringing joy and thought to the world. They were both honored during their lifetimes with various awards. We would like to continue the honor by keeping their names alive through the wonderful capability of the internet.

Other works by our father

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